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1001 НОЌ - Агенција за Ориентален Танц. Belly Dance Agency 1001 NIGHT. 1001 NETё - Agjencioni pёr tanc oriental.
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Casino Flamingo1001 Night is an agency performing professional oriental dancing (known as Belly Dancing). The dance is performed by professional belly dancers from Macedonia, which have nine years of experience in performing belly dancing in our region. The agency has multiple dancers, everyone with a different and unique approach to the dance, which is a reflection to their personality.

The dancers are performing in professional oriental costumes, with face veils, on custom music compilations with different styles of oriental music.

The costumes and the music are chosen depending on the cause of the event, the place and the interior, the profile of the public and etc.

In special cases the dance is performed with a custom choreography, with three, four or more dancers.

During the performance, the dancers are on a certain distance from the public, with a tendency to pay close attention to every guest. The dancers aren't getting in a physical contact with the audience and after the ending of the performance they leave the dance floor and the facility. During the performance the dancers are always escorted by a person, designated for contact between the agency and the public.

The oriental dance is performed for different kinds of celebrations, for example: birthdays, weddings, baptism, bridal showers, bachelor parties, banquets, circumcisions, house parties, graduations, retirements, Christmas and New year parties, business dinners, promotions, cocktails parties for seminars, congresses, symposiums, different anniversaries, gatherings of different consular and diplomatic institutions, movie premiere's, different entertainments shows like: Miss selection, concerts, guests of different TV shows, recording of ads, videos and similar, or small gatherings, where there is a will for a good mood.

The dances are performed on different locations, depending on the cause and the idea of the client, beginning from: hotels, restaurants, bars, casino's, night clubs, discotheques, beaches, TV studios, work quarters of different companies, airports, military bases, and going to house yards, weekend houses, private apartments in Macedonia and outside.